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The garden of Kretsloppshuset

Kretsloppushuset is located in a place that obliges: here once upon a time was Mörsil's Trade garden. And around the Kretsloppshuset there is what was once a really nice park belonging to the so-called The Society House, later Mörsil's Sanatorium.

The beautiful garden in front of Kretsloppshuset was designed in 2006 by Mirjam Åkerblom. The idea was to create a garden that offers the finest seating for summer cafe guests, to have a cozy and screened courtyard and trees that bloom, bear fruit and provide shade. The garden has a gentle tonal scale with mainly white and green in various shades, some darkest red and a yellow that is similar to the colors of the Kretsloppshuset. It is a rather limited number of perennials, but very well planned and pompous. Beautiful in all seasons and over time we have learned to love this particular garden and put our soul into tending it.

We have also completed the garden with a few new perennials that blend in well in color, shape and height.

Above the Kretsloppshuset, on the surface between us and Margaretagården, since 2004 there has been something as unusual as a Rose Garden for roses in plant zone 6-7. It is a very protected plant site where 180 different varieties of roses were initially planted. After 20 winters, there are still around 90 varieties left. The care requires time which is not really available, but during June-July many of the rose bushes literally explode in color and fragrance! Take the opportunity to stroll around or sit down on one of the benches and just enjoy!

To the east of the Kretsloppshuset, below the old "bathhouse" is partly our rhubarb cultivation, partly an easy-to-maintain garden with beds intended for small household cultivation of mainly things that the kitchen may need as decoration and topping. Here we also have some kvanne that we use, like the rhubarb, for both drinks and marmalades. We have garden raspberries to top baked goods in late summer. And of course flowers as decoration in restaurants and cafes. This part of the garden also has "parking beds", where we temporarily put down divided perennials from our garden close to our house, in order to be able to sell on a small scale certain perennials in demand, such as the wonderful Stormhatts ranunculus.

Above the Kretsloppshuset we have an old greenhouse, which we bought used in the start-up phase of the Kretsloppshuset. We have the front part of the greenhouse as a small green oasis with both flowers and some useful plants, where cozy seating provides shelter during the rainy days of summer. Then there are often quite a few guests inside Kretsloppshuset and the greenhouse provides a nice seating option. The rear part of the greenhouse serves as outdoor furniture storage during the winter months. In the summer, in recent years we have had a "recycling shop", a small flea market where things we no longer need can find new owners.