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Our beautiful house displays a beautiful greenery inside as well as outside. Our aim is to offer good food and drink of the highest organic quality in an exceptionally beautiful and charming environment.

Kretsloppshuset is so much more than a café: we have a well-stocked shop filled with products with an organic profile, a hen house filled with happy hens who produce eggs for in house use, our own artisanal food craft and last but not least, we have a beautiful and functional conference room for meetings. No matter the occasion, big or small, Kretsloppshuset is a place where joy and inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle underpins everything that we do, 25 years and counting.

We wish you a very warm welcome!


The word ‘Kretsloppshus" started to be used in the 80’s and 90’s to showcase small greenhouses combined with a henhouse. The purpose was to, in an educational way, show a practical example of what an organic ‘farm to table’ cycle could look like in real life.

Right from the start, our ‘Kretslopphus’ was home to more than a greenhouse and a hen house, but also a café, shop and a sizable conference room. After a few years, the food craft developed into its own branch of activity with a separate processing kitchen in the neighbouring house called ‘Gula Villan’. Right from the beginning, cultivation in open fields and in greenhouses was an important part of the business, but the economic reality has forced us to make the decision not to invest further in cultivation in a professional sense.

Today, our operations are mainly focused on organic food & drink within our café and restaurant, food crafts, conferences, and meetings.

The hens, the garden, our small-scale cultivation, and the house as such, provides an aesthetics platform that underpins all our commercial activities and makes Kretsloppshuset what it is today - a lush evergreen oasis and a true enjoyment for all your senses.

Opening Hours

Thursday to Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm.
A hot lunch menu straight from the kitchen.
In addition, sandwiches, soups with bread & home-baked cakes and pastries. Children's pancakes from our own eggs, homemade jam, whipped cream.
We are happy to accept groups for conferences, meetings and parties, as well as catering with delivery or pick-up.

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The bulletin board

We do not have a ready-made menu plan that can be posted on e.g. the website or social media. The reason is that we adapt the menu from week to week and day to day according to the availability of raw materials, the consumption of food in the restaurant, dishes are removed or added as needs arise. In this way, we can take advantage of the raw materials and any leftovers and reduce food waste very significantly.

A pleasant green house for all senses

A place with character

Our operations are clearly focused on organic food & drink through café and restaurant, food crafts, conference activities, but the food theme is also found in the store.
The chickens, the garden, some small-scale cultivation and the house as such form the "frame" and platform for our commercial activities and make the Kretsloppshuset what it is - a nice green house for all the senses.


Find us


Kyrkvägen 5, 830 04 Mörsil

You can easily get to Mörsil with, for example, Norrtåget, a commuter train that has several trips daily in both directions and stops right opposite the Kretsloppshuset. The bus service between Åre and Östersund also has nearby stops.

By car You drive on the E14 to Mörsil, which is six miles west of Östersund and roughly three miles east of Åre. The exits are well signposted from the E14 down to the village. The cycle house is located on the thoroughfare, Kyrkvägen.
Impossible to miss :)